LeBron James Trolling Far From Over, Savage AF Post-Cavs Trade Memes Keep Coming

LeBron James Trolling

NBA superstar LeBron James is feeling the Internet’s full wrath right now. The Cleveland Cavaliers leader continues to get blasted away by savage memes following yesterday’s explosive blockbuster trades.

Over the past few hours, everyone from sports publication Bleacher Report to social media heavyweights have gone in on King James.

Throw the whole team away. Name me 5 players that are still on the team without looking it up. Lebron don’t count #lebronjames, #dwade, #isaiahthomas, #cavs, #cleveland, #trash, #kingjames, #scrubs

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Kyrie somewhere evil laughing his ass off. “Oh u can make another HOV huh” #thepettygodfather

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