Try These Four Restaurants In New Haven CT That Serve Up Delicious Food

Prepare for some delicious dining experiences in New Haven. I am about to pick four more top establishments for you that look like great choices for a meal. New Haven is a popular city in CT, and there are nearly 500 restaurants there. Be thinking about what you might want to eat, and then I am going to provide you with my choices. At the end, as usual, I will also give you my top recommendation.

Okay folks, the first restaurant this round in New Haven is going to be Geronimo Restaurant. It is on Crown Street, and it is a Mexican restaurant. We are already starting off on the right foot here, especially since the menu highlights look a little different than I expected. One reviewer talks about fish tacos and quesadillas. While fish tacos wouldn’t be my pick at a Mexican restaurant, I’m saying this unique establishment is going to be hard to beat.

Let’s try though, as it is now time to visit Sally’s Pizza. If there are choices that can override a top Mexican restaurant in New Haven, pizza is one of them. The menu highlights themselves even say ‘best pizza’ so you are talking about some delicious food for sure. One pizza connoisseur that owns five pizza ovens said that this place was the best stop for pizza out of three tries in New Haven CT.

So, in my opinion, we have topped the first pick with the second. I usually don’t give away my choices until the end, but I decided to this time so far. What’s next? The place is called Harvest, and it is located on Chapel Street. This is a brunch spot, and well, bring on the grilled octopus appetizer. I am still trying to catch on to why octopus is so popular in Connecticut. This place looks nice and has a unique menu, but let’s go ahead and look at the last one.

Obviously, I have still given myself away when it comes to my top choice. But what if this last establishment is better? All of them are top New Haven restaurants worth a shot. As I close this article out, I am virtually bringing you to a place called Maison Mathis. It is on Elm Street, the pictures look cute and it is supposed to be a European Cafe. That is good enough to make it 3rd place if you ask me, but I am still going with Sally’s Pizza!